Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Twinkling Twig Lights Back in Stock

are finally back in stock.

These are one of our top selling products.

Flower Lights
Available in two different sizes & colours - classic white and vibrant red.
red 60 lights - £14.99
red 96 lights - £24.99
white 60 lights - £14.99
white 96 lights - £19.99
A couple of ideas - Pop in a vase, inside a disused fireplace, on the fire surround, inside a glass bowl or within a tree (last year I popped a couple of sets inside my Christmas tree instead of traditional lights).

They are so versatile with bendy stems they are easy to manipulate to use alone or with other flowers to create a stunning feature.

Twig Lights
Available in different sizes & designs - classic twig or bendy hazel.
classic twig 96 lights - £24.99
classic twig 160 lights - £34.99
bendy hazel lights 120 lights - £29.99

The twig lights are fantastic as they can be used both indoors & outside. When spiked into the ground they make a stunning path of lights or pop into a bush or tree for a strong focus within your garden.

We think you will love them, we do xxxxx

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