Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Why Do I LOVE Cushions?

I'm not sure why but there are three things that I gravitate towards no matter how many I have I cannot seem to get enough. Number one - Lighting. Any sort - ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps & garland lights. Its no good I love them and happily fill every room with at least two or three types. Number two -  chairs.  Again I don't mind how it looks, old, new, modern, shabby chic I just cannot help it, they are everywhere filling spaces as ornaments to admire. And finally number three - cushions. Cushions I have managed to fill my home with. They are on the bed, the sofa's, chairs (can you imagine how much I enjoy this combination), the floor.... simply everywhere. They are large, small, have written features, designer patterns or simply plain. I like building them up as a feature, two or three at a time, different sizes and ideally different textures to really make a statement. Help for this would be great, I'm sure its out there cushions anonymous but until I find it........

Log Burners Finally Finished (just in time for Christmas)

Well I have to hand it to the husband, he really has done a great job with the log burner. The dust & chaos has all been worth it and we are now ready to enter into the festive spirit of Christmas with a cosy log fire for us all to focus the celebrations around.  So now to decorate..... I'm looking at these crystal heart light garlands mixed with holly branches & sprigs of fresh rosemary to really bring a country festive feel to the area.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Nature Inspired Coasters - Gift of the Week

This week's steal is this set of nature inspired coasters. A classic set of four bird, dragonfly & butterfly ceramic tiles will bring a flash of natural inspiration into your home while radiating a organic harmonious vibe. Gorgeous.... (I actually fancy getting a couple of sets to use as unique tiles for the fire hearth!)

Create a Cosy Christmas - idea 3

Don't let your special baubles get lost in the tree.......... bring them to life by hanging them individually. Buy some pretty ribbon & hang them up in groups of three (at different levels) in the centre of windows, walls or disused fire places. Stunning effect & really highlights how pretty they are!

Water Colour Artist To Admire

Hi guys,

I really just wanted to share an inspirational find with you. Kevin Sparrow & his water colours are simply delightful. His paintings are a reflection of time and space. He does'nt try to historically record what he see's but  tries to capture the atmosphere. As far as I can see he he certainly manages it. Simply delightful & I think my cozy home needs one (Harbour Cottage Polperro is my chosen design, just need to let the hubby know!!)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Country Style Christmas Gifts

Looking for some inspiration this Christmas? Mum, sister or just lovely friend really like the country style look? Take a sneaky peek at some of our top country style accessories. To suit all budgets you may just get some inspiration!!!!

Wicker Heart. £9.99 Great for the romantic you know
(also perfect for wrapping lights or flowers round for different effects)

make great pictures in a kitchen
 wipe clean & add a few magnets &you have a memo board

Just lovely!!!!

Feeling inspired? Would like to see more gifts (for yourself) like this? Simply click here to access our website (I cannot promise that you won't lose the next half an hour simply browsing & indulging your Country Style passion) but hey lifes for enjoying right?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Country Style Ceramic Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters

 I know I know I harp on & on about the perfect country style tea coffee & sugar canisters but I cannot tell you the lengths we have gone to to find them for you. You would think that asking for a good quality range of country cream earthenware made from cream ceramics with a touch of country wood (or a simple french hen!!) would be simple! But for the many hundreds of variations that we have come across over the years (with a good customer friendly price to boot) there are only a few that we selected as good enough for our customers. So while we continue in our quest (we are always searching) here's what we have so far managed to find.

Create a Cosy Christmas - idea 2

Why not create a focal point within your christmas tree this year? While decorating at the Fron Goch Garden Centre, Awen (the christmas extravaganza decorating fairy) decided to use the centre of the tree to create a mini christmas scene. Simply pushing a basket into the tree and working some decorative lights around makes a great area to decorate inside.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Perfect Match for Country Cream Accessories

Just thought I'd share this as one of our lovely customers tweeted me that the Morphy Richards Country Cream Collection is a perfect match to our very own Country Cream Earthenware Collection (she has just re-done her kitchen with both ranges!!  As they do a traditional kettle, 4 slice toaster & a slow cooker these would be perfect for creating the perfect country style kitchen when mixed with our country style earthenware accessories!

Create a Cosy Christmas - idea 1

This year, after being heavily influence by Fron Goch Garden Centre where Country Living Interiors is based in North Wales I have decided to go back to basics & aim for a truly rustic country feel. Natural rustic wooden decorations, clean reds & classic creams & of course hearts galore! Country Christmas decorating should be elegant and relaxing to the eye, not fussy. Simple, stylish & classic are the golden rules.

Bringing the beauty of nature indoors is always a classic country kitchen key trend. However add a twinkling twist with adding flower lights and garlands to the arrangements. You can line the tops of cupboards and furniture with holly, mixed with some flower garlands that will seductively draw your eyes towards them while highlighting the berries will be perfect. In the hallway I am thinking of using mistletoe in sprigs instead of the usual hanging system (using a bit of wire wrapped around its stems to give it stability) & white flower lights to again simply bring it alive as a decorative piece in its own right.

Create a Cosy Christmas (while the hubby builds a fire!)

As my husband is in the (dirty) process of replacing our old 60’s back boiler fire with a new rustic log burner I am excited at the prospect of a cosy Christmas with family & friends around the cracking (and energy saving) fire. I love Christmas. It’s no secret in our family. I love buying presents, I love planning & prepping all the food but probably most of all I love making our home into a wonderland of cosiness & festive fun.

Every year I try to do something a little different from the year before (this is getting more and more challenging every year). Filling our home with natural red holly berries, twinkling flower lights, advent treats for the kids (and the husband) is always a staple start.

Im excited to add this stocking advent calender to the new fireplace

This year as I progress (its still only November so its early stages yet) I will keep you posted with any ideas and inspirations I get along the way. Keep posted, add comments & ideas and hopefully we can inspire each other ;)