Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Get 10% off your first order...

Come and have a look at our new Country Living Interiors new site & get 10% off your first order using code 'countrychic'....... lovely way to welcome you we think!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Flower Lights Are Back....

Our best sellers of Autumn 2010 have made a come back for 2011!! Red flower lights, white flower lights & new for 2011 rose white flower lights (these really are beautiful). Perfect for mixing with artificial flowers for a stunning floral decoration that won't wilt! Wrap them around the bed, twirl in a glass bowl as a centre piece for a wedding...... have a play with bendable stems they can be manipulated for a realistic romantic setting... (last year I mixed them in the Christmas tree instead of traditional lights for a really subtle floral look.

Finally, plant pots that scream country style

I'm a girl that loves plants! Of course with Country Living Interiors situated within Fron Goch Garden Centre it's hard not to spend my time happily mooching through the seasons finest. However I am always stuck when it comes to the pot to keep it in. Traditional terracotta with a rustic ribbon is the way I usually go, but only due to the lack of choice. I'm pretty sure if my home was vibrant pinks & purples I would be in my element but alas it's not meant to be. However I have recently discovered a couple of designs that finally tick my country style box! Check out these rustic heart & two tone pot collection....Take a peek..... fill them with plants of lavender, hydrangea or herbs & hand out as stylist, classic gifts that finally work in the country style home!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Perfect Wedding Gifts......

 I cannot believe it is nearly two years since I got married (it actually upsets me a bit that I can't do it again!). The whole magic of getting married & the days events really were everything I never expected (I was never that fussed on the idea of a big day, but now I literally get excited & a little envious for anyone that says's they are getting married!). My only struggle when it comes to other's weddings it what gift to get! Whilst buying for one person is hard enough, buying for two is positively impossible. Without a uniform 'wedding list' (which I hate to stick to!) and the traditional 'bread bin' or 'bowl' its so hard to buy with both in mind while remaining 'romantic' and something they 'will want to treasure' as a memory of the day! Phew.... told you it was difficult! So to give you a little bit of inspiration have a look below for gifts that are both for him, her & romantic keepers!

New In Stock..... New Thos Kent Clocks & Colours

Tick tock tick tock its a Thos Kent clock! I simply love these clocks, they scream class and understated elegance. Made from robust ceramics with 3D numbers they really do make a lovely addition to any room in the home. In the new colours (I particularly love the new red & china blue) they an excellent wedding or birthday gift idea! In fact as it's my mum's birthday this week (happy birthday mum) she may just be in luck!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Touches Home Interiors has a new home!!

Let us be the first to invite you over to see our new website.... its exciting, full of products, secure and really easy to navigate around. As customers of Touches we invite you first to come and see the new site (with its brand new name) and tell us what you think.... in the next few weeks we will be giving discounts & offers for all our customers new and old so come and have a sneaky look and we will be in touch soon........

Country Living Interiors here we come....... xxx

Country Living Interiors looks at Beach House Style

Forget the weather and embrace this years hottest summer style for your home, beach style. I live a stones throw away from the beautiful North Wales coastline so I am very lucky and have many a reference to the ebb & flow of the tide & beach within my home. I have achieved this by sticking to a selected colour pallet incoporating hue & navy blues & soft clean creams & linen whites with distressed white wash woods and natural shells & 'found' objects.