Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Door Stops - Rustic Leather Animals

Rustic Leather Doorstops
Just a quick blog to show you these adorable faded, rustic distressed leather animal doorstops. With soft suede bellies and strong, movable features they are as much ornamental as they are practical. With three strong designs, elephant, turtle & rabbit, they are a perfect gift for the animal lover that you know xxx

Cream Orchid Fabric - Scalloped Sheer Voile

This fabric I just have to tell you about, in the Chester shop we just couldn't get enough in! With scalloped edges and stunning subtle orchid design running through the sheer cream voile its beautiful for hanging around a bed, at windows or as a really delicate table cloth. It really is stunning. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms and living rooms for a really chic, shabby chic light finish. Simply stunning!

Also to complete the look, the orchid lamp shade matches the fabric perfectly.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Country Style Coated Fabric

It's the type of find you are so glad you found and wonder how you ever lived without it. Lightly waxed, its protective coating can be wiped clean time and time again. It can be washed every now and then to refresh, simply pop in the washing machine on 30oc and after a cool iron it looks like new (and it still retains its water resisting qualities). As it can be cut by the metre it means there's no wastage so can be made to fit any table, blind, covering chairs, memo boards...... perfectly.

So with a variety of country style designs ranging from classic linen to summertime strawberries and romantic hearts it really it's perfect for co-ordinating kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and alfresco dining or as a great table cloth for a summers picnic.

My mum bought this material as a table cloth and has loved it ever since (she's a mother of five children and always mopping up a spillage), she found that unlike many oil clothes this material is only lightly coated so it retains a real linen quality to the appearance and it's only on touch that you can tell it has a protective coating. (she was also amazed that when wine was spilt on the cloth, it sat on the surface and mopped up easily without any indication it was ever there).
This was a eureka moment of home preservation for her and promptly bought more to cover the chairs and make blinds as well.
So come and take a look at the lovely designs we have, trust me there worth it xx

Friday, 17 April 2009

Such a Perfect Gift - For Yourself!

A Vintage Inspired Jewellery Box

Just a thought but have you treated yourself this Easter? Well if the answer is no (and I suspect it might be) take a peak at this lovely vintage inspired jewellery box. Made from wood and finished with a cream paint and aged beautiful bird and stamp motif this vintage jewellery box comes complete with individual storage compartments. Its perfect for keeping treasures and jewels and looks stunning adorning your bedroom on any dressing table or chest. With a touch of nostalgic scroll, it will evoke memories of riffling through your mother's (and grand mother's) jewels as a child. Really is a perfect gift - for yourself!!!!

Friday, 10 April 2009

Why have Chocolate Eggs when there's Cupcake Pj's?

Cupcakes Cupcake - yum yum yum

Yes, why have chocolate eggs this Easter when we have cupcake pyjamas available. They don't just last half an hour and leave you a little bit more hyperactive. In fact with cupcake pyjamas you will want to snuggle up in bed, maybe after removing your cupcake dressing gown, popping it on a cupcake padded hanger and hanging on a cupcake hook. Thus leaving you to fall into a cupcake slumber snuggled up to your cupcake hot water bottle - yummy inspiring treat xxxx

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy happy Easter to all my lovely bloggers.

Hoping you all have big, exciting Easter plans weather they involve a special egg hunt, kicking back and relaxing with family and friends or simply snuggling up in your favourite chair and mooching on the Internet, reading a book and nibbling on a tasty chocolate egg! (if you are mooching online don't forget to pop into Touches and get up to date with our latest accessories and inspiration).

Have a really lovely time and keep your eyes peeled for the bunny!!!


Kati 'the Easter fairy'


french bathroom accessories

French Bathroom Accessories

Creating the perfect french style bathroom can be quite easy. It's basically down to light, natural, rustic tones; mixed linen textures and french style bathroom accessories. You can really open up a room and create the illusion of a bigger space by simply applying light tones to the walls. Drape light linen curtains to the windows, hanging them so they drop to the floor creates an airy effect. Add an old style chair in the corner, a traditional french style rattan chair or a country style stool would be perfect. Then go to town on the accessories.

Whilst subtlety is the key, detail is also as importance. Simple cream, white accessories are great as they are subtle enough to keep the style and look but also detailed enough to create the wow factor once noticed. There are many options to chose from based on the size of the room. If your short of space then a wall mounted cream toilet roll holder would be ideal, but if you have ample space an want to add a bit of an unusual wow factor then a free standing toilet roll holder is perfect.

A free standing towel rail is perfect for not only adding the much sought french style but is also perfect as a clothes rail to keep them off the floor when discarded. The free standing towel rail comes in a strong cream painted iron, with three good sized rails and a lovely scrolled design shelf at the base. perfect for keeping lotion, potions, slippers......... it also looks fantastically rustic french when perched next to the stool or rattan chair.

Adding french bathroom style vintage metal signs and plaques only enhances the look. Popping a blue bathroom sign or ladies powder room sign on the door or a collection of them on a wall really makes a statement. This looks fantastic in a really good sized bathroom or simply lean one or two of them on widow Sile's or on the sink if your short of space.

Then adding a bit of vintage glamour, glass and mirror the bathroom is transformed. Adding a vintage etched glass soap dispenser or free standing glass soap dish adds a touch of nostalgia. A diamond mirror really lifts light into the room and gives it that final vintage glamorous french touch.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions or are looking for inspiration for your own bathroom then please feel free to contact me (if you have a picture of the area you want to transform this would be great). I'm more than happy to help you.


Kati xxx