Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Create a Country Kitchen

Create a Country Style Kitchen
As the focal point and often the busiest room in the home the kitchen is a room that inspires an abundance of activity. Homework on the dining table, coffee and a slice of cake in the afternoon with a friend, family meals... its often the first place the family heads in the morning and the last place they visit at night. At Touches we think of all these things when we are sourcing new products. The idea that they will be used daily and often is at the forefront of our minds when we are buying. Its no good if a product simply looks good. It also needs to be functional and practical in its use.
We have therefore gathered (and continue to) good, practical home interiors for the kitchen.
Coated Cloth that can be cut to any size, wipe clean, wash on 40, cool iron. perfect for protecting the table, making blinds, covering seats.........

Tea Coffee Sugar Canisters, Jars & Trugs

Tea Coffee Sugar Trug, made from strong oak trug holder and cream aged ceramic canisters with air tight lids.

Tea Coffee Sugar Country Canisters, made from a creamy white ceramic with acorn shaped air tight lids and a wooden base.

Salt & Pepper Cruets & Oil & Vinegar Condiment Sets

Salt & Pepper Set, set in an oak base to compliment the Coffee Sugar & Tea Trug.

set with ceramic birds on the front, set in a wooden base with a tree stem holder for easy moving.

Traditional French Style Salt & Pepper Set, white ceramic set with black french script traditional writing.

White Metal Fretwork Salt & Pepper Set, glass salt & pepper set in a metal fretwork holder.

Rattan Condiment Set, a set of salt, pepper, oil & vinegar holder in a rattan base with a strong rattan handle for easy moving.

White Metal Fretwork Style Oil & Vinegar Set, glass oil & vinegar set in a metal fretwork holder, matches with the salt & pepper set.

White Spun Ceramic Sugar Pot with Spoon, made from porcelain and spun to create rides throughout. Comes with a ceramic sugar spoon.

White Ridge Pouring/Milk Jug, with vertical lines worked into the porcelain, perfect for adding with the sugar pot for tea and coffee with friends.

Bird Cake Stand, painted distressed cream metal stand with a subtle bird sitting proudly on the top and removable pressed glass plate. perfect for cakes, sandwiches and afternoon treats.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Boozy Floozy, Domestic Goddess or Domestically Challenged??

Which are you? Domestic Goddess, Boozy Floozy or Domestically Challenged! Do you know a friend these descriptions were simply made for? Then check out these great gift aprons. Let everyone know what sort of domestic goddess you/they are (and what to expect!) Brilliantly humorous that never fail to raise a smile x

Friday, 4 September 2009

these are a few of my favourite things.......tealights

One of my favourite things is a room twinkling with tea lights. small, delicate, flickering candles can create the perfect ambiance, atmosphere & romantic tone to any room. My love of tea lights began when I was a teenager,I discovered them spread around the tub in the bathroom (my mum loved to wallow away the evening in the tub full of hot suds and candles, I suspect having five of us it was the only place she could relax!)

Tea lights can create the most perfect of settings by simply changing the holders, from simple and decorative glasses to hanging holders. They can be popped in crystal holders for ultra glamour or shaped holders to fit into specific themes like glass flowers, serene butterflies or smoky vintage chic.

Tea lights are a really good, cheap way to dress a dinner table, decorate a fireplace, light a room and pop round the bath for relaxing. Just don't forget the candles!!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Winter Warmers

"Did you know, draught excluders will put an end to the Autumn chills and save money on heating bills.."

Period Living October 2009.

So don't forget our french style linen dog draught excluder its perfect for slotting into existing furniture and only £15.99 its a steal.