Wednesday, 22 September 2010

country style bookends

Here is a perfect idea tip...... why not create book ends out of these country style doorstops? They are perfect, come in different designs so mix and match and look fantastic for keeping all your books be it cooking, gardening, romance etc tidy in any room. Use a different style for each room in the house..... perfect x

romantic bedroom books

nautical bathroom theme

country style kitchen cook books

gardening books

Friday, 10 September 2010

Autumn Inspiration

With the weather showing signs of an early Autumn its time to start 'battening down the hatchet' and preparing for the dancing leaves & Autumn fruits. So take a look at some of our favourite Autumn inspirations....

A cast iron wellie boot stand will the mud will stay where it belongs, outside. (two boot wellie stand £49.99/ four boot wellie stand £89.99)

Some twisty hazel twig lights are perfect for creating a natural warm glow in any room £29.99

A Scandinavian inspired heart cushion (£14.99) and country strip door stop (£12.99) bring warmth in & draughts out.

Inspired by harvest & indulgent country kitchens these hen hooks (£9.99 for two) Chicken salt & pepper set (£9.99) & vintage metal cockerel plaque (£9.99) bring a touch of the farm humour into the kitchen.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

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Off to University? New Job?

Great Gift Idea
This is a perfect gift for anyone starting a new job, new term at University or a personal unique gift for a friend or sister. (also easy to post!)

Create Your Own Unique Magnetic Memo Board
Simply choose a vintage style metal plaque and add some glamorous crystal magnets and a bit of pretty ribbon and hey presto, a unique gift for the person that appreciates shabby chic and country style and needs to keep memos & notes safe.

Cherry Cupcake Metal Plaque £5.99