Tuesday, 10 February 2009

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What about a lovely Country Pin Board?

Do you find that you collect pieces of paper, bits of info, business cards & tickets? When you come to use/need them you can't remember where you put them? Loose but important pieces of paper & appointment cards need there own stylish home that wont clutter up your home but enhance it with a shabby chic and country twist. A lovely country fabric memo board would look lovely in the hallway, above the phone for convenience. maybe a heart shaped cream note holder or a dark brown metal heart in the bedroom for not only notes but it also makes a great jewellery & scarf holder. A sturdy shabby chic bird damasks duck egg blue pin board in the office for heavy duty notes. A rustic heart shaped chalk board in the kitchen for those scribbled notes to let the kids know you will be late home or to remind your partner to hand the washing out is always a winner. Alternatively combine both a chalk and memo board with the fantastic country peg, chalk board that lets you write at the to and pop appointments, memos & notes underneath. We are constantly updating this area of products as we believe that they really are a fantastic thing for every home and now with so many styles to choose from they can be tailored for each room. So why not take a look, we think you will love them and they make a really good gift for a wedding, birthday.....

ps. this vintage inspired metal postcard magnet note holder is perfect just to tell a good friend you appreciate them......

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