Tuesday, 10 February 2009

be a perfect valentine

this one is for the men......

tired of the same old valentines gifts? a bunch of pretty flowers and a selection of the finest chocolates are no doubt always a winner, but if you really want to show that special someone in your life that you really do care how about creating a magical, relaxing evening for them... why not run them a bath? and I don't mean one surrounded by children's ducks and soggy towels. a really special bath involved dim scented candle light, such as Yankee Candles Relax or True Bliss candle, maybe a few hanging heart tea light holders from the window? a couple of crystal tea light holders glistening around the room? Or for a really special effect some floating candles in amongst the bubbles (don't forget the bubbles no good bath can miss those out). maybe pop some special signs of love at the front of the bath such as the words bathe or LOVE and some hanging tin hearts so that as they sink into the warm bubbles they really get a little hint of how much you care reminding them this really is a heart felt special bath. Add a glass of their favourite champagne and pop on some easy music and let them soak away all the troubles of the day. Then, and here's the clever part, whilst they are relaxing you can prepare a special room in the house for them to come out to. Its never nice to come out of a warm bath to the reality of everyday life. So a special room, be it the bedroom if your in the mood for some fun or the dining room if your planning a special meal can be transformed with some mood lighting, aromatherapy scented candles such as the Yankee Candle Sensual and some twinkling flower lights. Trust me, valentines day is about letting your loved one know that you appreciate and care for them so why not indulge them in a simple but special way............. xxx xxx

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