Thursday, 5 February 2009

Doorstops - Lovely Country Doorstops

Country Style Doorstops - Look No Further

Hurray, at last one of the greatest inventions of all times is making a come back onto the retail market as the latest in fantastic products that we never knew we could live without. Yes,
doorstops are back! Weather you live in a country cottage, rustic farm, studio apartment, terrace, B&B, hotel, pub or even on a barge, everyone props doors open. To keep the cold out, or invite a cool breeze in, as a products doorstops are so versitile and easy to insert into your home that you can have two or three different doorstop designs dotted around the house without feeling guilty or excessive.

With so many designs to choose from, the rope doorstop, dog doorstop, cow doorstop, country heart doorstop & country linen doorstop to name a few. If you fancy having the same design doorstop for the home but want different fabric's so they fit in with the decor of the room then our country fabric doorstops come in a range of different country style fabric's including blue stripes, red stripes, beige linen, floral doorstop and all with a rustic country heart stitched onto the front and tied with rustic string - lovely.

And don't forget the kids room. Doorstops are great when they are playing in another room and you want to prop the door open safely. We have new and exciting russian dolls doorstops & wendy house doorstops just waiting to come into stock in the next few weeks. These really are beautiful and fun.

IDEA....... get a couple of the same or different design doortops and they can double up as unusual book ends when your not using them as doorstops - Inspirational!

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