Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Lovely Easter Present
With Easter approaching fast the prospect of giving children a gift of an egg can seem mundane and repetitive. So why not get a bit creative and practical this year and buy them a gift that they can keep and use. Why not a lovely set of cupcake pyjamas for a little girl or maybe a set of soldier or tractor pyjamas for the boys? Or perhaps something warmer for a lovely Easter walk, a crochet cupcake bonnet or cozy pram coat hand knitted with soldiers standing to attention at the bottom? Another idea is to buy a shabby chic child's cushion for the bedroom or nursery? A lovely lady duck pink cushion with checked edging and lots of different fabrics and sewed into the design or for a boy what about a fun teddy bear cushion design? The idea of a small gift instead of an egg will be appreciated by the parents and enjoyed by the child long after Easter has ended. A lovely set of pyjamas or a cosy cupcake pink hot water bottle or sailor boys hot water bottle will be the perfect end to a happy Easter (it might even encourage the little mites to bed!) xxxxxxxxx

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