Wednesday, 23 February 2011

hot new trend...animal motifs

With artists such as John Davies creating birds out of wood carvings &  Julia Burns creating farmyard fowl with potatoes and the retro revival of all things animal, bird like and kitch we thought we would introduce some of our own animal and bird inspired wares for your delight. come and have a look


How are you celebrating St David's Day this year?

A couple of key events in North Wales 
this St Davids Day 1st March 2011

In Colwyn Bay there will be a hive of activity with six hundred school children taking part in the annual parade led by St. David on Tuesday, 1 March from 10am. This is followed by craft fairs, chainsaw carvers & Nordic walking as the activities and excitement run through the day...

So grab your Welsh hat, pin on your daffodil and head over and enjoy the fun!

If you have or know of any special St David's Day events planned this year and would like to share them please feel free to add a comment or drop me an email......  

PS...Who is St David?
click here for a bit of info on the man himself....

cream oval mirrors.... add a hint of shaby chic vintage glamour

A mirror is a fantastic way to open up a room and invite as much light as possible into the home. These classic designed shabby chic french style oval mirrors scream elegence and style.
cherub oval cream mirror £34.99

classic cream oval mirror £39.99

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

friends are like stars......... lemongrass candle

Gift boxed lemongrass candle with loving friendship sentiment

"friends are like stars, you don't have to see them to know they are there"

ceramic lidded potted lemon grass candle. this is a lovely lovely gift, great for any friend that deserves a little loving treat. everytime they light it the smell will lift and remind them of you.

Friday, 18 February 2011

twit twooo owl hooks for you

These pretty owl hooks are fun, kitch & fabulous! With 2011/2012 trends focusing on animals & birds these are a great way to pretty up and add some fun to any wall. 

Available in sets of two at £9.99 each... in cream, pink & blue twit twoo xxx


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Competition Time Folks.....

So in celebration of love, life and home interiors we are giving away two of our lovely colonial heart mugs for one lucky fan of touches home interiors...... 

How to Enter: simply pop a handy hint that you know on our facebook page to do with interiors & the home and be in with the chance to win one of these lovely mugs. 

For example write on our wall something like this.... pop a cotton wool pad with some scented oil onto a radiator and every time the heating comes on the smell is lifted around the room....... simple xxx

Competition closes on Sunday 27th at midnight. The winner will be notified on Tuesday 1st March 2011 in there facebook inbox. 

Have fun and have a go xxx

Friday, 4 February 2011

Just a pretty thought....

Use a classic jug as a stunning vase?
How beautiful would a gorgeous bunch of traditional red Roses, vintage inspired ducky pink Peonies or springtime Narcissus look in this red spotty ceramic jug or small heart colonial heart jug? Or for the traditional cooking concept herb bunches of scented Rosemary & Thyme in either the ceramic blue spotty jug or seashore hand painted jug? Simply gorgeous way to bring a little springtime into your home (make a great gift as well!)

village fate ceramic blue spotty jug £14.99

village fate red spotty ceramic jug  £14.99

colonial heart ceramic small jug £9.99

ceramic blue seashore hand painted jug £12.99

traditional ceramic jug on wooden base
country earthenware collection

What to do this windy, wet weekend?

 Ok, so I have just had a good old look at the weather ahead this weekend and it's fair to say it's looking wet, windy and to be honest a little grim! With plans ahead I'm seriously contemplating cancelling them all, popping some scones in the oven and spending it relaxing, reading a good book and enjoying copious amounts of hot chocolate in a lovely big mug (with whipped cream, syrup & marshmallows of course)........ what do you think? Cheeky, indulgent but so earned!!

a lovely big heart mug, filled with hot chocolate,
whipped cream, marshmallows & a smidgen of syrup.... yum x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pantone Color of the Year 2011: Honeysuckle 

Pantone annouces their color of the year for 2011-- Honeysuckle

PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle: A Vibrant, Energetic Hue. A Color for All Seasons. Courageous. Confident. Vital.

A brave new color, for a brave new world
Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year.
It's a color for every day - with nothing "everyday" about it.

Put it In your Home
Transfer this strong colour into your home interiors..... shabby chic at its best simply mix the vibrant honeysuckle pink with tones of muted pinks to create a classic, romantic home.....

butterfly & bird memo holder £14.99

vintage inspired distressed picture £19.99

ceramic pink mantal clock £19.99

magnolia pinks £7.99 a branch (very life like)

Interior design trends of 2011: 'emotional austerity,' 're-balancing'...

 According to experts, the big design trends of 2011 will stem from consumers reassessing what they need to live comfortably, seeking innovation, finding a local balance in a global world and searching for personalized products.

The book Interior Trends 2011 was recently released by IMM Cologne; compiled by the expert committee of the international trend board at IMM Cologne, this latest in a series of annual publications predicts that people are questioning what they need to live well, demanding innovation not re-imagination, addressing issues of balance and seeking products with personality.

The trend for 2011 is about finding items and interiors that are practical, quality & have an element of re vamp to them............ keep your eyes peeled for Touches influences here xxx

Valentines....... what to do?

A poem, a meal, a simple kiss
Valentines you better not miss!
Bake a cake, 
Row a lake,
Give a ring; a bit of bling.
This valentine show you care, 
Have a look at our heart wares.
Kati 2011   

OK ok so I'm never going to rock the World with poetry but love tokens, heart inspired gifts & general interior ideas this I can do.  This valentines why not treat your loved one with the perfect valentines meal (our colonial heart collection should help set the mood). Or present them with a love inspired photograph frame with a picture of you both (ideally gazing into each others eyes). why not pop some rustic and beaded hearts around the room, really create the feeling of romance.... couple of candles and a lovely prepared meal (I'm pretty sure if M&S made it for you no one would mind!) and hey presto let the love flow xx xx 


wicker heart decoration (looks lovely on the front door)

a selection of heart decorations

click to see a selection of frames

rustic sweet heart wreath

 colonial heart collection