Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Valentines....... what to do?

A poem, a meal, a simple kiss
Valentines you better not miss!
Bake a cake, 
Row a lake,
Give a ring; a bit of bling.
This valentine show you care, 
Have a look at our heart wares.
Kati 2011   

OK ok so I'm never going to rock the World with poetry but love tokens, heart inspired gifts & general interior ideas this I can do.  This valentines why not treat your loved one with the perfect valentines meal (our colonial heart collection should help set the mood). Or present them with a love inspired photograph frame with a picture of you both (ideally gazing into each others eyes). why not pop some rustic and beaded hearts around the room, really create the feeling of romance.... couple of candles and a lovely prepared meal (I'm pretty sure if M&S made it for you no one would mind!) and hey presto let the love flow xx xx 


wicker heart decoration (looks lovely on the front door)

a selection of heart decorations

click to see a selection of frames

rustic sweet heart wreath

 colonial heart collection

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