Friday, 4 February 2011

Just a pretty thought....

Use a classic jug as a stunning vase?
How beautiful would a gorgeous bunch of traditional red Roses, vintage inspired ducky pink Peonies or springtime Narcissus look in this red spotty ceramic jug or small heart colonial heart jug? Or for the traditional cooking concept herb bunches of scented Rosemary & Thyme in either the ceramic blue spotty jug or seashore hand painted jug? Simply gorgeous way to bring a little springtime into your home (make a great gift as well!)

village fate ceramic blue spotty jug £14.99

village fate red spotty ceramic jug  £14.99

colonial heart ceramic small jug £9.99

ceramic blue seashore hand painted jug £12.99

traditional ceramic jug on wooden base
country earthenware collection

1 comment:

  1. Oh I am definately on your wave length here!!!
    I seem to have a "thing" about jugs....
    Just seem to love them.
    ....And yes, I too put flowers or twigs or herbs in them...Just look so pretty pretty!!!