Friday, 4 September 2009

these are a few of my favourite things.......tealights

One of my favourite things is a room twinkling with tea lights. small, delicate, flickering candles can create the perfect ambiance, atmosphere & romantic tone to any room. My love of tea lights began when I was a teenager,I discovered them spread around the tub in the bathroom (my mum loved to wallow away the evening in the tub full of hot suds and candles, I suspect having five of us it was the only place she could relax!)

Tea lights can create the most perfect of settings by simply changing the holders, from simple and decorative glasses to hanging holders. They can be popped in crystal holders for ultra glamour or shaped holders to fit into specific themes like glass flowers, serene butterflies or smoky vintage chic.

Tea lights are a really good, cheap way to dress a dinner table, decorate a fireplace, light a room and pop round the bath for relaxing. Just don't forget the candles!!

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