Friday, 24 April 2009

Country Style Coated Fabric

It's the type of find you are so glad you found and wonder how you ever lived without it. Lightly waxed, its protective coating can be wiped clean time and time again. It can be washed every now and then to refresh, simply pop in the washing machine on 30oc and after a cool iron it looks like new (and it still retains its water resisting qualities). As it can be cut by the metre it means there's no wastage so can be made to fit any table, blind, covering chairs, memo boards...... perfectly.

So with a variety of country style designs ranging from classic linen to summertime strawberries and romantic hearts it really it's perfect for co-ordinating kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and alfresco dining or as a great table cloth for a summers picnic.

My mum bought this material as a table cloth and has loved it ever since (she's a mother of five children and always mopping up a spillage), she found that unlike many oil clothes this material is only lightly coated so it retains a real linen quality to the appearance and it's only on touch that you can tell it has a protective coating. (she was also amazed that when wine was spilt on the cloth, it sat on the surface and mopped up easily without any indication it was ever there).
This was a eureka moment of home preservation for her and promptly bought more to cover the chairs and make blinds as well.
So come and take a look at the lovely designs we have, trust me there worth it xx

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