Friday, 12 August 2011

Perfect Wedding Gifts......

 I cannot believe it is nearly two years since I got married (it actually upsets me a bit that I can't do it again!). The whole magic of getting married & the days events really were everything I never expected (I was never that fussed on the idea of a big day, but now I literally get excited & a little envious for anyone that says's they are getting married!). My only struggle when it comes to other's weddings it what gift to get! Whilst buying for one person is hard enough, buying for two is positively impossible. Without a uniform 'wedding list' (which I hate to stick to!) and the traditional 'bread bin' or 'bowl' its so hard to buy with both in mind while remaining 'romantic' and something they 'will want to treasure' as a memory of the day! Phew.... told you it was difficult! So to give you a little bit of inspiration have a look below for gifts that are both for him, her & romantic keepers!

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