Friday, 4 November 2011

Create a Cosy Christmas - idea 1

This year, after being heavily influence by Fron Goch Garden Centre where Country Living Interiors is based in North Wales I have decided to go back to basics & aim for a truly rustic country feel. Natural rustic wooden decorations, clean reds & classic creams & of course hearts galore! Country Christmas decorating should be elegant and relaxing to the eye, not fussy. Simple, stylish & classic are the golden rules.

Bringing the beauty of nature indoors is always a classic country kitchen key trend. However add a twinkling twist with adding flower lights and garlands to the arrangements. You can line the tops of cupboards and furniture with holly, mixed with some flower garlands that will seductively draw your eyes towards them while highlighting the berries will be perfect. In the hallway I am thinking of using mistletoe in sprigs instead of the usual hanging system (using a bit of wire wrapped around its stems to give it stability) & white flower lights to again simply bring it alive as a decorative piece in its own right.

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