Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Why Do I LOVE Cushions?

I'm not sure why but there are three things that I gravitate towards no matter how many I have I cannot seem to get enough. Number one - Lighting. Any sort - ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps & garland lights. Its no good I love them and happily fill every room with at least two or three types. Number two -  chairs.  Again I don't mind how it looks, old, new, modern, shabby chic I just cannot help it, they are everywhere filling spaces as ornaments to admire. And finally number three - cushions. Cushions I have managed to fill my home with. They are on the bed, the sofa's, chairs (can you imagine how much I enjoy this combination), the floor.... simply everywhere. They are large, small, have written features, designer patterns or simply plain. I like building them up as a feature, two or three at a time, different sizes and ideally different textures to really make a statement. Help for this would be great, I'm sure its out there cushions anonymous but until I find it........

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