Friday, 4 November 2011

Create a Cosy Christmas (while the hubby builds a fire!)

As my husband is in the (dirty) process of replacing our old 60’s back boiler fire with a new rustic log burner I am excited at the prospect of a cosy Christmas with family & friends around the cracking (and energy saving) fire. I love Christmas. It’s no secret in our family. I love buying presents, I love planning & prepping all the food but probably most of all I love making our home into a wonderland of cosiness & festive fun.

Every year I try to do something a little different from the year before (this is getting more and more challenging every year). Filling our home with natural red holly berries, twinkling flower lights, advent treats for the kids (and the husband) is always a staple start.

Im excited to add this stocking advent calender to the new fireplace

This year as I progress (its still only November so its early stages yet) I will keep you posted with any ideas and inspirations I get along the way. Keep posted, add comments & ideas and hopefully we can inspire each other ;)

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