Friday, 21 August 2009

ribbon ribbon - tie a bow

ribbon ribbon tie a bow, make a present personal.....

With wedding season in full swing and (shh dare I say it Christmas getting closer) gifts are being bought in preparation. there is nothing more satisfying than handing someone a gift, lovingly wrapped and watching their face as the marvel at how pretty its decorated (and that's before they have opened it up).
A beautifully wrapping of gifts has become almost as important as the gift itself, it can show care and attention to detail. Over at Touches we think little details like this are especially important which is why we have introduced a range of ribbons for every occasion.
Happy Birthday, Thank You, With Love, Spotty, Hearts & Doves are all designs that are included for special occasions. So grab some plain paper in the colour of your choice, use plenty of ribbon and add a traditional parcel tag for a truly inspiring, personal gift. xx

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