Wednesday, 21 April 2010

gorgeous gift wrapping...... got it covered!

gorgeous gift wrapping

gorgeous gift wrapping is the perfect way to turn a gift into an experience. For years I have used decorations within my wrapping to present my gifts with the wow factor...... every Christmas present comes with a small token decoration (I prefer to do this than buy a card as it's a small reminder that can be popped on a tree year after year). At Touches we have introduced a range of gift wrapping that's perfect for every occasion.

A small sample of gift wrapping ideas......

confetti scented rose dried petals... perfect for sprinkling on the marital bed, throwing over the happy couple, add a few petals to the inside of a card or present so the smell jumps out at the happy couple.

Just married paper chain..... three metres of brilliance! perfect for decorating a wedding car, a barrier to cross when he carry's her over the threshold for the 1st time, decorate the reception room.

selection of ribbon..... use different designs on clean crisp tissue paper for maximum effect. tie at the top with a big bow and maybe a lucky horse shoe, love token..... simply stunning

cream & rustic brown ribbed card tags...... perfect for adding a simple love you to a card, also great as place settings when tied around linen napkins. perfect for a vintage inspired wedding.

selection of cards......... say how you feel. Write a poem, personal declaration or a simply love you.... with happy birthday, thank you, wedding and blank cards available you can pretty much say it all.

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