Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Hello & Welcome to 2012.
What an exciting New Year ahead! With the Queens Diamond Jubilee & the Olympics we think 2012 will be an exciting time for the us all.

As we are busy buying new ranges for the year ahead (with all thats going on we think you will want to be ready to entertain at a moments notice!). Focusing on the key trends for 2012 we take inspiration from multiple sources from key paint trends for the home, fashion catwalks & new design inspiration.

Key Colours 2012 
Thinking beyond traditional colour groupings like ‘pastels’ or ‘brights’ or ‘neons’ or ‘neutrals. The strongest palette is a new direction, which cleverly blends pastel shades with bubblegum pink and acidic chlorophyl brights. Grey still underpins strong colour and we will see grey as being a key backdrop to brights through 2012.
Customers are now increasingly sophisticated with colour in the home. This will result in a  return to clever colour combinations expressed through paint replacing our obsession with wallpaper, which can give the desired effect in terms of drama and personality in the home, yet is more permanent and harder to update than paint. Ongoing post-recessional mood means homeowners will be staying put instead of moving house, which will encourage thinking more cleverly about creating space, storage and a unique hard-wearing yet characterful style at home.

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