Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Oil Cloth Fabric? Just Wipe It Clean

Au Maison..... We love this fabric

Ooooh those gorgeous clever Danish designers at Au Maison. Yes we have almost sold out of or original order and the second one is on its way and we couldn't be more excited! When we found it my inspiration was a notion that it would be used in summer days spent outside basking in the sun with friends & wine. So fa that doesn't seem to be how its turned out. However its still as popular as ever with customers using it every day to simply keep there table clean and free from stains & spills. This fabric is great, oil cloth fabric in classic and fun prints is perfect for everyday use indoors (those messy kids over the Summer holidays) and perfect for transferring outside when  (I say this with a heavy heart) the weather allows a little afternoon tea in the garden, simple pleasures (we hope)!

Ps we are getting a few more designs in stock so keep coming back and checking them out... stripy reds, floral over blue dots & pretty english classics.....  

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