Friday, 11 January 2013

Bomb Cosmetics

 Dead Sea Salt Soap
Bedazzled Blaster 160g

Introducing our latest range of luxury bath time bliss. Over at our Fron Goch store from February you will now be able to indulge in the various bath bombs, handmade soaps, creamers & other treats. Great gifts for friends, sisters, daughter or yourself. Ohhhhh get those candles lit and water running, time for a little relaxation.

A bit about Bomb Cosmetics
Bomb Cosmetics is a closely guarded and cherished secret in the cosmetics business. Chances are, you’ve seen our products in a little independent store near you, but never quite realised they were ours. Established over 14 years ago, and quietly taking on the big boys who just fill bottles, we launched our bright, natural, fun and affordable handmade bath, body, face and shower products at just a few trade shows in the UK. From those humble beginnings, sporting just a few lovingly crafted Bath Blasters, we now export a proudly British and varied product range all around the globe, to over 45 countries. Why not make your beauty regime a little more beautiful? We pride ourselves on making our product not only smell and feel wonderful on your skin, but it also must look beautiful too!
We carefully select the best ingredients, natural butters and pure essential oils, and minimise our packaging as much as possible to ensure our little luxuries don’t hurt the planet, and only nourish and care for your skin. And don’t forget, all of our products come with free extra love!

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