Wednesday, 7 January 2009

wrap up warm for a wintery walk

“the best things in life are free”
this lovely statement is never more true when the festive season is over, all over indulging has been done and the doom of January begins to set it. It’s never a better time to consider wrapping up warm in gloves, hats and scarves and heading down to the nearest beach or woodlands for a wintery walk. this time of year is truely magical. A cold crisp wind, the sound of the waves and the sheer beauty of nature can give us time to clear our thoughts, focus our thinking and prepare us for the year ahead. In this technology age it’s a real treat to simply pull on some wellies, wrap up warm and head out for a spot of mind clearing, reflective thinking. it’s what my plan is for this weekend, I’m heading to the beautiful coast of North Wales to collect drift wood and creative ideas.

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