Friday, 5 June 2009

Hints, Tips - Always Good to Have Feedback

When I am at the Caernafon shop I am constantly talking to customers about there wants and needs and take this on board when out buying stock. We see this as important in find out what customer's are looking for.

We are always trying to solve practical problems and rediscover items that are missing in people's homes. A great example of this is the doorstops. We found that they were a lost concept or had simply fallen out of fashion, but that didn't stop people needing them it just made them harder to find in shops or online, especially in country style designs.

Another great example of what we try and do is see if a product can be used in a creative way such as the cream metal towel rail doubling up as a scarf and bag hanger in the bedroom, or hooks as necklace ad jewellery hangers instead of simply coats and tea towels.

Lets not forget the metal vintage plaque can also be fantastic individual magnetic notice boards when you pop some of your favourite magnets on. Personalise for friends birthdays and for different rooms.

Creativity is a wonderful thing and trying to solve practical problems with shabby chic country style accessories is what we strive to achieve.

I would love to see if you have done anything innovative with our products, maybe you have used a cream mug hook as a stylish jewellery hanger? Please feel free to let me know and maybe you can inspire others xxxxx

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