Wednesday, 1 July 2009

summertime weddings

summertime weddings

yes it's finally here, the season of weddings has begun. there is nothing more romantic that a beautiful wedding on a summers day to remind you of what is good and romantic in the world. watching a sister or brother, best friend or work colleague exchanging vows and making a romantic commitment is always something to celebrate and always something that is very personal when it comes to decorations, flowers and taste.

touches has found a lot of inspiration this year in weddings (maybe something to do with the fact I'm getting married myself in September) the theme of romance is strong in our latest wedding collection, think hanging tin decorative hearts that can be used as both decorations and napkin holders, hanging heart tea lights, again double up and use them as gifts for helpful friends and relatives at the end of the wedding. classic cream floating rose candles or romantic red rose tea light candles dotted around the room. create tasteful wedding plans with heart shaped memo boards which can be used after in the kitchen, office or bedroom as a lovely reminder of your big day (you can even use it as a contemporary wedding album).

another trend that's hot at the moment (and I'm taking a lot of influence from myself) is a vintage summertime theme. Soft pink and blues, hydrangeas, lotus flowers and lavender seeds and petals make lovely confetti as well as stunning table decorations. I find this theme so romantic and lush for a summer wedding. Using floating lotus flower candles, rustic twig hearts, butterflies, hanging lanterns, soft summertime votive and soft romantic tea light holders and bunting. this all helps recreate a summer garden theme.

add some rustic parcel tags for the place names and your off.

so for some wedding inspiration come and take a look, or if you have any inspirational ideas of your own, I know I personally could do with them now ;)

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