Wednesday, 22 July 2009

burt's bees

Burt's Bees have come to Touches...........

This lovely company selling earth friendly natural personal care products are now available in our Caernarfon shop and online at

With products such as shea butter hand creme, head to toe starter kits, hand repair kits, tips 'n' toes hand and feet kits, overnight bee-uty bag's, kissable colour shimmer lip gloss packs and mum & baby TLC gift pack available they are the perfect gift for friends, family or even yourself!!!


Whats the buzzzz with Burt's Bees?

This is a company that started out at the very beginning with a bee keeper called Burt and some bees! Along with a local waitress they started making candles which lead to them creating a beeswax lip balm to sell alongside. As both were keen environmentalists they decided from the start that they would make a commitment to replace all the chemicals and synthetics found in other skin care products with natural ingredients and find ways of working that showed respect for both their customer's skin and the environment.

Thus with candles and lip balm Burt's Bees was born. the company today has expanded and now sells over 150 products that are all made of 100% natural ingredients.

So keep your eyes peeled from next week for this naturally delicious smelling new range xx

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