Friday, 20 November 2009

Christmas Decorations..................

Decorating your home for Christmas is one of the most exciting times of the year. Turning your often chaotic home into a wonderland of calm and a kaleidoscope of colours is what Christmas is all about.

So a few tips to brighten up the house with love from me x

Perfect windows:
window areas are a perfect place to bring outside in. Add a twinkle of glamour by hanging a few choice decorations on some ribbon and hanging three or four from each window. Depending on your choice of deco these can be the same colours/different shapes/textures etc this is particularly nice if you have some really stunning decorations that will get lost on the tree.

Hanging tea light holders, the heart metal ones are perfect for this as the have cut out heart details that reflect around the room, really cozy glamour!

A long garland is perfect for its adaptability, each year you can change its use so it always look fresh. drape over the fire surround one year, then use as a table decoration, maybe weave around a foliage wreath to make a unique gift or train around the banister adding a few hanging decorations for a warm welcome in a hallway........

Potted Plants/Christmas flowers or simply vases of baubles
Why does Christmas have to be about traditional foliage? If you love roses, use them! If hydrangeas are your thing then decorate the house in them. Add small pots in the bathroom, living room, guest room, dining table... To add a touch of Christmas spirit you could always pop a decoration or mix with sprigs of holly or mistletoe. Similarly if you don't like flowers or foliage for any reason then vases of your favourite coloured baubles or scented candles will work just as effectively!

Christmas Cards Clutter
Christmas cards can be kept really tidy with a heart shaped memo/notice board. these metal holders are perfect for displaying your cards in a subtle, yet meaningful way.

Another way is to create a clothes line design. A length of rustic string and some classic pegs are perfect for stringing the cards up and really making a display of them.

Christmas trees are increasing in prices every year and with the cost on the environment as well many people are looking for an alternative less messy option. Simply popping some stripped branches is a great option for a natural, Eco-friendly alternative. Another is our twig lights that take the stress of wrapping round lights and adding individual decorations really does create quite a magical feel.

So with Christmas sneaking up on us all it's time to get into the spirit and start planning the fun, with the house decorated and twinkling it's just the shopping, presents & drinks to come xx xx

keep in touch and let me know your ideas

love Kati x

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