Friday, 5 March 2010

storing notes, ideas, recipes.......

Bits of important paper, cut outs of recipes your planning to try, an old butty box being used as a sewing box store........ we house all our bits and pieces in the most random ways, never sure where they are when we need them! Well maybe its time to get a bit of organisation into your life with a spring clean and a tidy system of storing?

Keep all those recipes together, build up a useful and exciting collection of family recipes that can never be lost, cut outs of magazines that you simply cannot part with.... collect and give as a lovely gift for a child's first home or departure for university.

What about a stunning guest book? Brilliant idea if you have a home or cottage that you rent out or allow friends to use. Feed back is always productive! Alternatively, what about having one in the guest room of your home, it will allow friends over the years to let you know about brilliant times spent with you and over the years grow into a diary for you to reminisce on the fun you have had.

An address box to keep all your contacts up to date and again a great University send off gift so your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren can always contact you xx

That Tupperware box that you have kept your sewing needles, pins and cotton in for the last 10 years really has done you proud. However why not treat yourself and upgrade to a more stylish sewing box.

The other things we tend to keep in tupperware boxes around the house that we can never place our hands on when we need them, the first aid kit! Why not have a look at our stylish storeage boxes, with a traditional theme, these boxes are perfect for knowing exactly what you are short of and where the plasters are when scrapes and accidents happen.

As for your shoes, surely that polish, clothes and brushes deserve a new home? This stylish wooden shoe box is a perfect gift for your dad, husband, brother or grandad. In fact anyone that likes to look after themselves and seems to have everything already! This is a perfect gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

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